Let me show you my journey.

Let me show you my journey.

Do you know this feeling of being "trapped" in your head?

Do you know this feeling that you are not really noticing your physical limits?

And you promise yourself to take better care of yourself.

You exert yourself to fulfil all the expectations that you and others have of you.

That is also my very own journey.

I felt so disconnected from my body and my feelings.

I didn’t really know what I really wanted. What really and truly did me good.

That is, I did know. A very quiet voice inside me, a distant longing, whispered it to me. It said, “Take some time off. Take three months off.”

>>Wow, three months. That’s not going to work. Holiday for three weeks, yes. But not three months. That can’t be realised at work, who’s going to do my job? You can’t hire a replacement for such a short time. Your husband won’t like it. Your family won’t understand.
And what for? You can achieve what you need in another way. By continuing to function and push yourself even harder, become even better at managing yourself.<<

That was my inner dialogue in my mind.
So I pushed this inner desire, this signal, aside and repressed it.

It was so much more natural to justfollow the mind.

It was so much more natural to follow the head.

I did not allow myself to follow my true desires and needs. I felt the resistance of my body and yet I could only follow my mind.

Because I felt trapped in old patterns:
„What do the others think?“
„How do I explain that I am doing something for myself without having a plan?“
„Am I even really allowed to do something for MYSELF? After all, I have to do something, be there for the others.“

I had this feeling that I had to prove myself, that I was good enough, that I was the reliable girl.
Always having to do something was an important motivation.

Today it is different.

Today my body is my friend.

I am so at peace within myself.
I take all signals seriously and as a priority.
Today it is quite a matter of course that I follow what my body shows me.

When I need a break, I take a rest.
When I am hungry, I eat, and I eat exactly what I am in the mood for.
When I feel an inner no, I say so.
When I feel an inner yes, I follow that guidance.
When I need peace and distance, I take the space to myself.

Today I live in alignment with my head and body, my needs and desires.

Today I give myself the greatest appreciation. I lead myself and take responsibility for my feelings, my thoughts and my actions.

P.S. I did take some time off too. I had to, my body just wouldn’t go on. That was the low point for me. And the turning point. That’s when I really understood what it means to take care of my needs. To love myself and my body.

I'll show you how you can do that, too.

I open and hold the space for you so that you can fully encounter and be yourself.

Go on a dive and explore yourself. Get to know yourself in a completely new way.

Find the words for you and your path. Allow yourself to speak and think words that you may never have dared to think “out loud”.

Feel the power and the clarity to stand up for yourself, to go out for your happiness in life.

Without a mask. Because you love it. The way YOU like it.

No one else will do it for you.
It's up to you: say Yes to yourself.

Be courageous. Jump. Dive in.

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My whole adult life has been influenced and supported by personal development. Already in my parents’ house I learned to regulate with tapping. Inner journeys, inner child work, Ho’oponopono, constellations, encounters with Robert Betz, Katie Byron’s The Work and many more were early influences on my path.

I love and live for continuous development – e.g. with seminars with the 7th Dzogdchen Rinpoche, shamanic journeys, my own coaching guidance, Cacao Ceremony Teacher Training. I soak up everything inquisitively like a sponge. I am passionate about reading books, especially those that transform me.

With Theta Healing I have found a modality that brings together many aspects of what I have experienced and learned into a structure that allows for incredible depth.

Nervous system-based, trauma-informed Coaching has given me a completely new perception and language for all that we are, feel and experience as human beings. The tools so gently expand the capacity for self-regulation and co-regulation.

All these influences enrich my life and my work.

Not to be at the mercy of my feelings and thoughts, but to actively set out for my happiness in life, to be able to change something myself - that's what drives me.

The teachers and people who have influenced me and my work the most:

  • Claire Rother – Nervous system-based, trauma-informed Coaching 
  • Theta Healing instructors (Catherine Weber, Michaela Keim, Sandra Gallagher, among others)
  • Gemma Brady – founder of Sister Stories and trainer of the Circle Facilitation Training
  • Andrea Thiesen – Nonviolent Communication training
  • Johanna van Löchtern – mentor for intuition, manifestation and personal growth
  • Franziska Behlert – mentor for intuition
  • Lynette Allen
  • Avital Schreiber
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Robert Betz
  • my own journeys in different women’s circles, mainly in Europe and the UK
  • my body
  • my intuition
  • Many more people who have inspired me on my own journey: Nisha Moodley, Abraham Hicks, Gabrielle Bernstein, Alberto Villoldo, Eckhart Tolle, among others.

Discover the balm for your soul in a candlelit group. Experience what it feels like to be seen and fully accepted just as you are.

Encounter yourself in the intensive 1:1 process and release deep blockages and limitations. Invite so much more freedom, ease and joy into your everyday life.

Come with me on MY journey, learn more about me and explore how well we fit together.

Write to me. Your requests and questions are welcome here.

Mein ganzes Erwachsenenleben ist geprägt und begleitet von persönlicher Weiterentwicklung. Schon in meinem Elternhaus habe ich das Tapping (Klopftechnik) gelernt. Innere Reisen, innere Kindarbeit, Ho’oponopono, Aufstellungen, Begegnungen mit Robert Betz, Katie Byrons The Work und noch vielem mehr waren frühe Einflüsse auf meinem Werdegang.

Ich liebe und lebe für kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung – z.B. mit Seminaren mit dem 7. Dzogdchen Rinpoche, schamanischen Reisen, eigener Coaching Begleitung, Cacao Ceremony Teacher Training – und sauge alles wissbegierig auf wie ein Schwamm. Ich lese leidenschaftlich gern Bücher, vor allem die, die mich transformieren.

Mit Theta Healing habe ich eine Modalität gefunden, die viele Aspekte von dem, was ich erfahren und gelernt habe, in einer Struktur zusammenführt, die unglaublichen Tiefgang ermöglicht.

Das Nervensystem-basierten, traumasensiblem Coaching hat mir eine ganz neue Wahrnehmung und Sprache geschenkt für all das, wie wir Menschen sind, fühlen und erleben. Die Tools erweitern auf so sanfte Weise die Kapazität zur Selbstregulation und Ko-Regulation.

All diese Einflüsse bereichern mein Leben und meine Arbeit.

Meinen Gefühlen und Gedanken nicht ausgeliefert zu sein, sondern aktiv für mein Lebensglück loszugehen, selbst etwas verändern zu können - das treibt mich an.

Die Lehrer und Menschen, die mich und meine Arbeit am meisten beeinflusst haben:

  • Claire Rother – Nervensystem-basiertes, traumasensibles Coaching 
  • Theta Healing Instructors (u.a. Catherine Weber, Michaela Keim, Sandra Gallagher)
  • Gemma Brady – Gründerin von Sister Stories und Ausbilderin des Circle Facilitator Trainings
  • Andrea Thiesen – Training in Gewaltfreier Kommunikation 
  • Johanna van Löchtern – Mentorin für Intuition, Manifestation und persönliches Wachstum
  • Franziska Behlert – Mentorin für Intuition
  • Lynette Allen
  • Avital Schreiber
  • Joe Dispenza
  • Robert Betz
  • Meine eigenen Reisen in den verschiedensten women’s circles, vor allem in England und intereuropäisch
  • Mein Körper
  • Meine Intuition
  • Noch viel viel mehr Menschen, die mich auf meiner eigenen Reise inspiriert haben: u.a. Nisha Moodley, Abraham Hicks, Gabrielle Bernstein, Alberto Villoldo, Eckhart Tolle.