Dive into the
1:1 Soul Balm sessions

with Theta Healing® & Trauma-informed Coaching.


You wake up in the morning with a feeling of tension.

That feeling of “I have to”. Your day already feels tight. You still feel tired, but also exhausted and heavy. You haven’t slept well at all, you’ve been awake a lot, you’ve been tossing and turning.

You rush through your everyday life.

There are so many things you think about. That you have under control. Sometimes you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel in your busy everyday life. You go beyond your (physical and emotional) limits. You don’t really know what your limits are.

You feel tired and exhausted all the time.

And at the same time you demand even more from yourself.
You know this feeling that your efforts are not seen and appreciated. That you always have to do something (more).

You also sometimes feel trapped in your head,

that just won’t stop spinning. Just sitting on the sofa and doing nothing for 10 minutes is unimaginable for you.
In the evening you continue to work, even when you are really tired. Because it’s important to do that one particular task.

In the evening you find it difficult to fall asleep,

to let go of the thoughts. You wake up at night with thoughts of what you absolutely have to remember the next day, and then you can’t fall asleep because of the constant stream of thoughts.

Does that sound familiar?

Are you so busy just functioning? Does your life feel full and empty at the same time?

Are you dissatisfied with yourself because you want to give even more, have to do even more, and can’t?

Maybe you currently often have a cold, backache, headache or stomach ache?

Do you feel a call deep inside you?

To live your life differently? To do things differently? To break out for a change?

Do you wish:

To wake up in the morning with energy and joy for the day ahead?

To do exactly what you really want, regardless of what other people around you think?

To tell your mother/father what you really think?

To have a little more time every day just for yourself, for the things that you most need at the moment?

To just say no to your colleague’s request?

What is your wish?

What do you wish for most right now?

Dive into Soul Balm sessions with me.

I will guide you on this path to fulfilling your true desire.

Come with me on a journey into your inner being – from your mind into your body, into your feelings, into your essence.

I will guide you to yourself. You return to your inner self. We peel off layer by layer until you have shed all masks.

My wish for you:

That you dance through life with joy.

With ease.

In abundance and fulfilment.

You lead your everyday life in peace and serenity.
In a life that you love.
Discover the variety of flavours your life has to offer.

Feel the gift that you are, that you are for this world.

Learn to appreciate yourself and your whole being, exactly as you are, exactly as you are worth.

What does that mean exactly - to dive deep?

Dive deep into the Soul Balm sessions

In the Soul Balm sessions we look at your patterns, your pain points, what triggers you, what you would like to change.

In the Soul Balm sessions I combine Theta Healing® and Trauma-informed Coaching with different methods and coaching tools that I have learned in the course of my trainings and my own transformation journey:

Dive deep with Theta Healing®

Theta is the frequency of the brain when you are in deep relaxation. For example, just before you fall asleep and just after you wake up. Or when you are in deep meditation. You are fully awake, but the consciousness (aka your mind) is relatively calm. At the same time, your subconscious is very accessible in this state.

This allows us to get deep into the roots of your beliefs and blocks. So, that we find the reason:

You will not only change your patterns and routines. You will also notice that your environment suddenly reacts differently to you; that you live your life with more ease and in greater fulfilment.

I work with you individually.

Regarding your needs.
Based on what is showing up in you at the moment.
To what you need at the moment.
This is important to me.

You will receive so much more than the transformation during the Soul Balm session.

I always give you impulses, inspirations, tools from my coaching repertoire, so that you can integrate what you have recognised and what has been released in the session. So that you can actively do something for yourself and grow personally.

You get to know and perceive yourself in a new way. You can use your energy productively for what is really important to you.

It is so easy to go deep.

So gentle, so clear, so sensitive and full of love. A balm for you.

The Soul Balm sessions are not a one-fits-all product.

You are at the centre. Your story. Your package. Your laughter. Your tears. Your experience, thoughts and feelings. Your depth. Completely, individually you.

Dive deep with me in the Soul Balm sessions.

You can find all the details here.

Soul Balm Sessions Deep Dive Journey

We journey together for a period of 4 months .

These treasures await you on the journey:

A Welcome Session (60 min)

In our first session together, we assess exactly where you are at the moment and define your individual goals. This is how we create the best foundation for your development.

Eight 1:1 sessions with 90 min each - every other week

We meet online twice a month for 90-minute sessions. The 90 minutes allow us more than enough time and space to dive deep and get to the roots of your blockages and dissolve them.

A check-in & exchange between sessions via a messenger

I will support you throughout the entire period via a messenger. Between the sessions you have the opportunity to share how you have been doing, what has changed and where things are rather difficult at the moment. I share valuable coaching tools with you and reflect with you my perceptions. This support nurtures your development.

An individually recorded meditation with downloads

Created exclusively for you and tailored to your needs. This way you can easily transform your subconscious in your sleep and integrate the transformation even better.

An Integration Session (60min)

We look back at what you have achieved in this journey, what has changed for you and how things will move forward for you. This is the time when we celebrate your development.

Your investment in yourself:

4 intense Months for Depth & Transformation


pay in full 2.000 €


monthly 500 €

Soul Balm-Single Session

We journey together in a 60 minute single session.

Your investment in yourself:

150 €*

The transformation and shifts other women have experienced after the Soul Balm journey:

Love letters for the Soul Balm sessions.

What other women say about their experiences in theSoul Balm sessions:

Do you feel this call within you to go on this journey?

Is your body tingling and you’re eager to get started?

Maybe you are unsure and have more questions?

I invite you to a 15-minute get-to-know-you call where we’ll clarify all your questions and get to know each other.

You already hold so much for others.

Allow yourself to be held and guided.

Like a balm for your soul.

Frequently asked questions

First we clarify your issue that you bring to the session. Then I lead you into a deep relaxation, from which we explore your topic more deeply and for example go to the original situation in which you experienced a certain feeling for the first time.

You leave the session with a sense of relief, clarity, connection to yourself. Most likely you feel liberated and relaxed. A good starting point to invite more of what you really want into your life.

Theta Healing® is based on findings of epigenetics, quantum physical elements and energy work. Theta Healing® is an energetic work and does not replace therapy.

The Soul Balm sessions are about diving deep. This requires a larger framework than individual sessions allow. Often patterns and issues reveal themselves like layers of onions, which we shed layer by layer. The fixed framework of the Soul Balm packages allows for deeper healing and more intense guidance.

I believe in us women.

I believe in you.

I see this flame within you.

Can you see it too?

How big it is.

What’s inside of you.

This potential.

This life force,

Your strength, your power, your greatness.

Allow yourself to be courageous.
Say Yes to yourself!

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Discover the balm for your soul in a candlelit group. Experience what it feels like to be seen and fully accepted just as you are.

Encounter yourself in the intensive 1:1 process and release deep blockages and limitations. Invite so much more freedom, ease and joy into your everyday life.

Come with me on MY journey, learn more about me and explore how well we fit together.

Write to me. Your requests and questions are welcome here.

Paola Foresti writes:

I had been on a deep inner healing journey for a few years when I came across SOUL BALM sessions. When I asked Cindy to have a few sessions with me, I was at a point where I felt some deep core wounding was showing up for me, and I knew I had to get support to dive into those energies. I felt intuitively drawn to explore what Soul Balm could do for me and somehow I just knew that it was the next step on my journey, without really knowing so much about what it was.

I hoped to be able to continue my inner healing work and free myself from emotions and behaviour that I had felt limited by my whole life. I was deeply longing to express more of who I am, and to dare to shine brighter. To access more of my gifts and my voice. I was also longing for not being so affected by other people and their thoughts and behaviour. To accept myself and accept others.

I had 6 sessions with Cindy and it was beyond anything I could have imagined. Every session was so deep and went through so many layers, also healing not only my childhood, my own lifetimes here on Earth, but also healing my maternal and paternal lineages. I felt so empowered after each session, and could literally experience a change in emotions and thoughts just a few days after each session. Lasting changes.

Now it has been a few months since our last session, and I have had time to integrate, and the changes that I can sense in myself are huge. And I can especially experience a shift in how I perceive myself and other people. Many relationships have shifted after my work with Cindy, they are deeper and my boundaries are clearer. I also receive so much more appreciation and love.
I can be in a conflict without taking all the responsibility for it, and be present and even compassionate even though I can still be rattled by it. But not taking too much responsibility has made my life so much easier and other people show up in new ways, taking responsibility for their part. It’s amazing. I feel more mature, my self-love is greater and my compassion for myself and others as well. It is easier to live, to create, to do. I could say that this work is close to magic.

What I love with SOUL BALM healing is that it is fast, effective and at the same time amazingly deep. It is empowering, the work is done with me as the source of the journey and with Cindy as the guide. I love the spiritual nature of it, that we take the lessons and gems of wisdom with us from the painful past, and the intuitive nature of the work. Cindy is so professional and guides with such love and soft care, and is brilliant in her intuitive space holding and guidance. I felt so safe, so held and had complete trust. Energy work is powerful and SOUL BALM is one of the most deep, effective, and conscious tools that I have found on my journey. I am blown away by the power and lasting results. I can recommend it to anyone that wants to grow, wants to be more of who they are, release old pain and create new patterns of love, consciousness and empowerment in their lives. To feel whole and alive.

Lächelnde Frau mit langen dunklen Haaren in schwarz-weiß. Teilnehmerin einer Seelenbalsam 1:1 Session (Theta Healing®).

Mein ganzes Erwachsenenleben ist geprägt und begleitet von persönlicher Weiterentwicklung. Schon in meinem Elternhaus habe ich das Tapping (Klopftechnik) gelernt. Innere Reisen, innere Kindarbeit, Ho’oponopono, Aufstellungen, Begegnungen mit Robert Betz, Katie Byrons The Work und noch vielem mehr waren frühe Einflüsse auf meinem Werdegang.

Ich liebe und lebe für kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung – z.B. mit Seminaren mit dem 7. Dzogdchen Rinpoche, schamanischen Reisen, eigener Coaching Begleitung, Cacao Ceremony Teacher Training – und sauge alles wissbegierig auf wie ein Schwamm. Ich lese leidenschaftlich gern Bücher, vor allem die, die mich transformieren.

Mit Theta Healing habe ich eine Modalität gefunden, die viele Aspekte von dem, was ich erfahren und gelernt habe, in einer Struktur zusammenführt, die unglaublichen Tiefgang ermöglicht.

Das Nervensystem-basierten, traumasensiblem Coaching hat mir eine ganz neue Wahrnehmung und Sprache geschenkt für all das, wie wir Menschen sind, fühlen und erleben. Die Tools erweitern auf so sanfte Weise die Kapazität zur Selbstregulation und Ko-Regulation.

All diese Einflüsse bereichern mein Leben und meine Arbeit.

Meinen Gefühlen und Gedanken nicht ausgeliefert zu sein, sondern aktiv für mein Lebensglück loszugehen, selbst etwas verändern zu können - das treibt mich an.

Die Lehrer und Menschen, die mich und meine Arbeit am meisten beeinflusst haben:

  • Claire Rother – Nervensystem-basiertes, traumasensibles Coaching 
  • Theta Healing Instructors (u.a. Catherine Weber, Michaela Keim, Sandra Gallagher)
  • Gemma Brady – Gründerin von Sister Stories und Ausbilderin des Circle Facilitator Trainings
  • Andrea Thiesen – Training in Gewaltfreier Kommunikation 
  • Johanna van Löchtern – Mentorin für Intuition, Manifestation und persönliches Wachstum
  • Franziska Behlert – Mentorin für Intuition
  • Lynette Allen
  • Avital Schreiber
  • Joe Dispenza
  • Robert Betz
  • Meine eigenen Reisen in den verschiedensten women’s circles, vor allem in England und intereuropäisch
  • Mein Körper
  • Meine Intuition
  • Noch viel viel mehr Menschen, die mich auf meiner eigenen Reise inspiriert haben: u.a. Nisha Moodley, Abraham Hicks, Gabrielle Bernstein, Alberto Villoldo, Eckhart Tolle.

My whole adult life has been influenced and supported by personal development. Already in my parents’ house I learned to regulate with tapping. Inner journeys, inner child work, Ho’oponopono, constellations, encounters with Robert Betz, Katie Byron’s The Work and many more were early influences on my path.

I love and live for continuous development – e.g. with seminars with the 7th Dzogdchen Rinpoche, shamanic journeys, my own coaching guidance, Cacao Ceremony Teacher Training. I soak up everything inquisitively like a sponge. I am passionate about reading books, especially those that transform me.

With Theta Healing I have found a modality that brings together many aspects of what I have experienced and learned into a structure that allows for incredible depth.

Nervous system-based, trauma-informed Coaching has given me a completely new perception and language for all that we are, feel and experience as human beings. The tools so gently expand the capacity for self-regulation and co-regulation.

All these influences enrich my life and my work.

Not to be at the mercy of my feelings and thoughts, but to actively set out for my happiness in life, to be able to change something myself - that's what drives me.

The teachers and people who have influenced me and my work the most:

  • Claire Rother – Nervous system-based, trauma-informed Coaching 
  • Theta Healing instructors (Catherine Weber, Michaela Keim, Sandra Gallagher, among others)
  • Gemma Brady – founder of Sister Stories and trainer of the Circle Facilitation Training
  • Andrea Thiesen – Nonviolent Communication training
  • Johanna van Löchtern – mentor for intuition, manifestation and personal growth
  • Franziska Behlert – mentor for intuition
  • Lynette Allen
  • Avital Schreiber
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Robert Betz
  • my own journeys in different women’s circles, mainly in Europe and the UK
  • my body
  • my intuition
  • Many more people who have inspired me on my own journey: Nisha Moodley, Abraham Hicks, Gabrielle Bernstein, Alberto Villoldo, Eckhart Tolle, among others.